24 Hour Design Challenge 2021

I was a member of the team that created a movie snack box inspired by the movie Clue (1985). Our team won the Bronze Award for the 2021 Furman University and the Miami Ad School’s 24 hour brand marathon and pitch. Our company, Mise En Scène, brings film fanatics and snack snobs together by creating a line of film snack packs. Die hard fans will delight in the details of these whimsical adult snacks. No other movie snack packaging consumes fans and becomes a part of the entertainment experience itself.

I was involved in every step of the process, with lead roles in choosing the movie, brainstorming the concept, designing the inside of the box, wine bottle label, adding the small cutout in the back to reveal a “communism” sticker on the back of the wine bottle (small detail from the movie), assembling the cardboard box, and taking the product photos. This year, I felt much more confident about my graphic design and photography abilities, and I cannot wait to compete again next year!