24 Hour Design Challenge 2022

I was a member of the gold award-winning team that created a brand campaign for Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars during the 2022 Furman University and the Miami Ad School’s 24 hour brand marathon and pitch. Here’s an introductory video to kick off our campaign:

I was involved in every step of the process, with lead roles in brainstorming the concept, writing verbal brand identity, creating the visual brand identity (moodboard, colors, choice to keep well-known existing converse font + logo), designing the plexiglass shoe box, hand-drawing the shatter design, arranging and printing all sticker collateral, and, of course, presenting our concept. I was particularly involved in the packaging design, pushing for a clear box as a way to display shoes in the home. If someone doesn’t have the space, they can simply return the box to a store to redeem a coupon—creating a system of reusable packaging for the retailer. View some of our presentation below:

Part two of our campaign is an in-person experiential component. “Rattled” is a set of five pop-up smash rooms across the nation as a place to disrupt, shatter, and become a groundbreaking force. We created keepsakes for these events, including a lighter, limited edition clothing, and bats + mallets.