Photography (Spring 2021)


Three images taken with slow shutter speed and three images taken with fast shutter speed.

“Box of Ku” Inspired:

Inspired by the “Box of Ku” series by Masao Yamamoto; it encompasses the idea of emptiness, with sparse moments found in nature or thoughtfully arranged compositions to emphasize restraint, contrast, and/or negative space.


Six portrait photos taken with varying distance and lighting.

Personal Covid Landscape: “View from My Bed”

A series of eight images based on my concept of personal landscape during this global pandemic and my time in quarantine.

Artist Statement: I think of my experience with the pandemic in terms of a literal, physical landscape. I have been incredibly lucky to be able to complete school and do work remotely. For the sake of the health of those I love and those I don’t know, I had kept myself in my family’s home for the past seven months. Even since coming back to Furman for this semester, I still have the sense of interiority, enclosure, and waiting. That is why I have confined the geography of my personal landscape photos to my room in my apartment. Within this series, I focus on the passing of time through the light and shadows cast by the blinds on my windows. Each quiet composition from around my room is connected through these linear shadows. I hope to have captured the pause I have felt in my life—which I still continue to feel regardless of the progression of the pandemic.