Senior Art Project (Fall 2021)

The domestic space remains a place of change despite the static nature of its physical structure. When I travelled to my grandparents’ house after my Grandfather passed away a few months ago, comforting memories flooded back from the love and life I experienced in that home. I also saw the uncertainty in the unfillable void that my Grandmother experiences as a selfless woman who has spent her life caring for her family.

The purpose of my work is to communicate the uneasy, transitional life following loss through quietly composed paintings depicting experiences from around the domestic space.

You will see five repeated themes in each small-scale painting: an unsettling straight-on perspective to confront the grief, consistent warm, nostalgic light, elements of the universal vs. personal, an unlivable starkness (the absence of everyday objects of living indicate a greater, intangible loss), and rectangular voids of missing space.